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The ability to search, classify, understand, compare, and analyze information using digital technology is increasingly becoming inevitable to perform day to day tasks. It involves a working knowledge of current high-technology, and an understanding of how it can be used.

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Gone are the days when paper based records used to be maintained in government offices.

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It is a half-truth to say internet is a dangerous place.

Take Better Decisions

Your choices become limited when you have limited resources to bank upon for answers and solutions.

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Whether you want to learn a new Microsoft technology, prepare to start a career in IT, or improve your technical skills, Our Learning Partners will help you achieve your training needs by facilitating the whole learning process and present before you the advantages of being digitally literate.

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The Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum provides introductory digital literacy skills to perform tasks for which Digital Literacy is a prerequisite. Whether you are entirely new to computing or have some experience, the curriculum will help you develop a fundamental understanding of computers. From using the Internet, to sending e-mail, to creating a résumé, the Digital Literacy Curriculum helps you develop the essential skills you need to begin using computer with confidence. All the courses impart Information and Communications Technology (ICT) skills in a generic sense , and demonstrate concepts by using screen shots and examples from the real time usage of Software product versions. Select from the 3 courses available:

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